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It’s time for some justified internet-rage. I hope this article will ensure me some help or warn others. My rage is aimed at EA’s Origin. Generally I really like digital distribution plaftforms. I’m using Steam and Direct2Drive on a regular basis. But my first experiences with Origin weren’t pretty as you might have guessed.

This summer, I felt a disturbance in the force which lead me to preordering Star Wars: The old Republic. After playing the beta for a bit, this emerged as a good thing. I really like the game, even a bit too much for the sake of my carreer. Since I’m a fan of bling or better yet bling bling, I cancelled my first preorder and preordered a Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin. I was satisfied with the feeling of spending Euros for useless, but shiny digital items.

The Digital Deluxe Edition is Origin exclusive, but since I own an Origin account for BF3, that’s not a problem. Said, bought and then the problems started. The money disappeared from my ledger in an instant, but the game didn’t appear in my order history. Since I couldn’t do anything, I decided to wait and there, some hours later, I got a confirmation of purchase and my preorder code via email. But my order history was still missing and the game wasn’t showing in my games list.

Nevermind! Let’s go to and add the preorder code… not. While the site was recognizing my preorder code, I couldn’t add it. It was always cancelling with the insightful error message „Message not found“.

Versuch den PreOrder Code hinzuzufügen

Versuch den PreOrder Code hinzuzufügen

I suppose it happens, because I’ve already added a preorder code to my account. I could cancel the first preorder, but not delete the code from my account. That’s when I contacted EA’s support and it was promised I would get an answer in 24h. Ten days later, I’m still waiting. However @EA_Actionman and @TullyAckland did a good job helping my via Twitter. They’re really great and I don’t know how my help request they get on a daily basis, but it’s certainly a lot. I contacted swtor’s support directly too. Both, Ackland and swtor told me, it’s all gonna be fine. Here is what Swtor said:

Greetings *censored*,

I am Protocol Droid D8-R0, Human-Cyborg relations and I have received your transmission.

We can confirm that there is no longer any need to amend the pre-order code attached to your account. Any code applied to your account will grant you Early Game Access.

Please do not be concerned if when going into the ‘My Account’ section the edition listed there is incorrect. When you receive your product code at launch and apply this to your account you will then be granted the in-game items that are associated with the version that you have purchased.

For a list of all in-game items associated with pre-order versions, please visit:

If you have any additional feedback, questions or issues you require our aid with, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Galactic support is our specialty…


Protocol Droid D8-R0 (aka Dan)
Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service


This calmed me down quite a bit. But there is always a „but“. Today I was checking my support tickets regarding my lost order history and I accidentally found an updated Swtor preorder faq in the help pages. Accidentally, because you can’t find anything intentionally in the german help section. The FAQ stated, I can’t upgrade my account from a different preorder version. I have to create a new account. This wouldn’t be so bad, if EAs account concept wouldn’t be a little special. Your EA account is your Origin account is your Swtor account. Ignoring security reasons, this is still bad. A new account means three new accounts. Accounts without my bf3 and other games‘ profiles, without my order history, without anything I’ve ever done with EA. Another bad thing is, EA is linking the Headstart time you get to your preorder date. The earlier, the more. If I create a new account now, it runs my Headstart time into the ground.

So who is right, who isn’t? Am I paying 75€ for nothing? To clarify I called EA’s telephone support. The queue time this morning was serveral hours and the number wasn’t free and expensive. Suddenly I didn’t want to give Origin money. This items weren’t as important anymore. Luckily I could cancel my preorder at Origin. Is was supposed to follow this link: which didn’t work. It forwards to EA’s german homepage So I opened another support ticket. Let’s see, if anyone answers me before my 14 day money back guarantee expires. What happens then?

I want to know if I can add the digital deluxe edition, this time with a guarantee. Can anyone help?

In future, I’ll buy on Steam again. Origin was nothing but hot air.


All my support tickets were just deleted without comment.

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